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“GILT is the classic cocktail bar with an unmatched history of the Copenhagen cocktail scene. They served cocktails, before the Danish capital even knew what a balanced drinks was” – Henrik Hammer, founder of Geranium Gin

Situated in Nørrebro – the rustic part of Copenhagen, GILT reflects the setting with a black, wooden and almost hidden facade. No signs and gloomy lightning ensures the got-to-know basis of the bar and the secretive aspects of what you will find on the other side of the wooden door.

Looking at a short list of 13 libations, the bar highly caters for individual requests and personal preferences when it comes to classic cocktails.

This said, the list of cocktails reflects a Nordic approach to making concoctions, where citrus fruit and added sugar is deemed last resort in the seasonal list of libations. Seasonal adjustments are implicitly considered an imperative to the bar and the entire staff finds inspiration in foraging and working with local products.

Don’t hesitate asking for recommendations  – both inside and outside the menu. The bartender’s go out of their way to fulfill all imbibing requests put forward by any guests.

Cocktail culture since 2003

In time, our list of cocktails has evolved from fruity martinis and muddled mint bashes via new nordic minimalism to todays puristic and classic approach of serving modern variations of historical potions. Here, we shortly sketch the Copenhagen and GILT cocktail culture since 2003.

Peter Altenburg, Owner

Classic Cocktails

The menu is weekly tweaked with long forgotten classics that we wanna bring back to current drinking affairs and liquid experiences. Please look here for inspiration.

Classic Cocktails Menu

Local Produce

We adjust the menu seasonally and in doing so, we highly respect local products in season and spirits from local producers when planning the menu.

Local Produce Menu

We find inspiration in local produce and great distillates


Rantzausgade 39
Wednesday-Thursday 18:00-01:00
2200 Copenhagen N

Opening hours

Wednesday – Thursday 18:00 – 01:00
Friday – Saurday 18:00 – 02:00

For reservations – please send any request at