GILT. is your local neighbourhood bar that created drinks on spirits from local producers and ingredients from fresh harvests since our very beginning back in 2003.

Today we still strive to bring you tasty variations that challenge your palette. With a very limited use of citrus and sugar, our drinks may appear somewhat surprising, because we want you to be able to taste all different flavours and not just the most dominant ingredient in a drink.

We batch our cocktails to ensure consistency in every serve. In doing so, we are able to build flavours ahead of time and perfect them conclusively, so they are ready to be poured upon order from you - our lovely guests.

The tiny window of creating cutting edge cocktails a la minute - where temperature of ice, preparation technique, dilution level, etc. all have a massive bearing on the final product - needs to be addressed. We decided to move away from anachronistic service and bartending and try to do as much preparation as possible before you enter the door.

In doing so, we are able to meet your requests promptly and focus more on the important factor, ie. you.   

Please remember, our list of drinks is solely recommendations and we are happy to meet any of your liquid requests that may arise to this occasion.